Himss European Conference

Himss and Health 2.0. Melià Sitges

Last May, the Melià Sitges Hotel hosted one of the largest European congresses, the Himss European Conference and Health 2.0.

AvEurope was the supplier of audiovisual and stage services for the entire congress.

The main auditorium was equipped with 2 projectors for the main projection, 2 more projectors to the projection delay screens hung on the truss and multi-camera recording to the whole congress.

Regarding sound, the room was equipped with M’elodie PA, Meyer’s Subs, Stage monitors and room delays.

For lighting we chose to mount front and back lighting hung on truss, and creative lighting to give textures and relief to the room. LED spotlights were used to give color to the walls of the room, in which the logos of both congresses were projected.

All the Breakouts rooms of the congress were  fully equipped, as well as the Marquee Tent, where the Elsevier Gala dinner also took place.

The Tramuntana room hosted the Stand and exhibition Area, where we gave Audiovisual support for the stands, as well as installing different Twitter Walls throughout the hotel.

AvEurope provided all the carpentry, decoration and lecterns of the congress as a complement to the technical production of the congress.

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